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Termas Arapey Termas Arapey Benefits

Termas Arapey	Termas Arapey Benefits

It is general knowledge that thermal spring water have many benefits for your health. Not only being beneficial for your skin, but also possessing therapeutic properties for a great number of illnesses. Next, let's have a look at the many virtues of thermal springs. 

What is thermal springs water?

It is water found beneath the earth that has been there for long periods of time, which has led to the accumulation of minerals and carbon dioxide. For this reason, the deeper the thermal spring, the higher curative properties it has, and more exempt of bacteria. 

Arapey Thermal Spring Virtues

Thermal springs are of great benefit for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain and skin burns. This is due to its purifying effect and antioxidant properties.

Thermal springs’ water is also recommended for people suffering from skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and other types of diseases. 

On the other hand, thermal springs have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.  If you are suffering from skin problems, you will notice how thermal spring water helps you to stop itchy skin. Moreover, in a short period you will notice that your skin is softer and smoother.

Of course, this treatment takes some time and has to be done every certain time in order to see results. Nevertheless, if you were in pain, a good option would be to come to Termas Arapey in order to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and relax at the thermal springs.

It is worth mentioning that Termas Arapey are the oldest and reach a maximum temperature of 38oC, which makes it ideal so you can benefit from its therapeutic properties. 

In addition, if you want to maximize its benefits, we remind you to visit the thermal Spa within the premises, where you will be delighted by massages and thermal spring treatments while enjoying it and relax surrounded by its natural surroundings.


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