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Arapey Hot Spring Location

Arapey Hot Spring Location

Located around 80 kilometers north from Salto City, Termas del Arapey has a history and a location that tells of the importance, grandeur and attractiveness it possesses, and which has made this place worthy of the touristic preferences of thousands of people throughout many years of being operational. 

The abundant vegetation surrounding the complex makes it special for a relaxing vacation, and far from the noise of the city. Ideal for a relaxing break.

Despite this, at close distance you find shopping centers, restaurants and Salto City. It is an ideal location since everything is nearby.

How to get to Termas Arapey

To access this region and the thermal complex, you have the option of getting there by airplane, thanks to the weekly flights to the region. Likewise, you can get there by bus or car by taking routes 3 and 24, which significantly facilitate the trip.

From Argentina, using the General Jose Artigas International Bridge is the best option for those traveling there by land.

Since Salto is the most important city being nearest to the thermal springs, it becomes key to what this city can offer those who enjoying the thermal complex.

Therefore, organizing trips to consider getting acquainted with the rich history and breathtaking progress of the city, this will assist you to shape a richer and more extensive panorama of what the region is.  

In conclusion, the arrival to the place, with the different available options to do so, with a context that boosts a living experience, plus the closeness to a city that offers panoramas, turned this lot into a beautiful thermal complex as a vacation destination to have in mind.


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