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Arapey Termas Municipales

Arapey Termas Municipales

The Termas del Arapey is the oldest and one of the most visited. The estimate says more than 150 thousand tourists a year visit it. 

These thermal springs emerged as a coincidence since it was oil what was being looked for, instead, these wonderful thermal springs where found, and so the place's vision changed to a touristic one.

Although this complex is public and is managed by the Municipality, it also counts with the presence of private businesses that enrich the offer.

The property features more than 80 kilometers of hot springs, with pools for people of all ages and likes.

Accommodation Options at Termas del Arapey

The thermal springs offer municipal accommodations where you can choose bungalows or stay at private hotels. 

You also count with accommodation services near the thermal complex and the variety of options is numerous.

If you decide to lodge at the municipal property, we suggest you to make a reservation in advance, since it is common to have a hard time finding a place, especially during high season.

Termas del Arapey Services

The complex offers you several services so you can fully enjoy the diverse activities besides the hot springs. These are some of the available activities:

  • Movie theater
  • Sports zone
  • Children's playground
  • Medical Assistance Center
  • Food centers
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Bungalows
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Solarium
  • Historical Museum

No doubt that most of the activities at Termas del Arapey are hard to resist.

We hope you have a fantastic vacation and be able to enjoy all the available activities.

Termas del Arapey More Information:

Termal Arapey Municipality Contact Telephone Number (+598.4768 2101). Working hours is 7:00am - 11:00pm. December and January's working hours may vary.

Termas Arapey Entrance Fee: (uruguayan pesos)

General Public $ 100

0-5 years old–free of charge

6-12 years old and retiree $ 50

Thermal springs’ maximum temperature is 38oC. Public transportation from Salto is Argentur and Hernandez.


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