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Hotels at Termas de Arapey

Hotels at Termas de Arapey

Are you thinking about traveling to Termas del Arapey? These thermal springs are characterized as having an exceptional touristic structure, which is reflected in the high level of its hotels.

These thermal springs are home to several of the best hotels in the region, all of them with luxury services and all the amenities included so you can have your best possible stay.

Why choosing Termas del Arapey as your vacation destination?

If the answer is due to its calmness and nature, you will have to add to this that thermal springs have curative properties for the human body.

Thermal springs is the name given to mineral waters, which emerge from the ground 5oC hotter than superficial water. This thermal spring water is rich in different mineral components which enable its use as therapeutic baths, inhaling and irrigation.

Accommodations at Termas de Arapey

Regarding accommodation services, in the first place we have Altos del Arapey, this accommodation tempts its guests with an outdoor pool, an indoor pool and an 18-hole golf course in front front part of the hotel.

Another accommodation complex is Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa, which features thermal indoor pools and outdoors as well. This All Inclusive thermal complex features a spa, which offers sauna and massage services.

There is a garden and terrace. It is located at 80 km from Salto.

The Arapey Oasis Termal shares the same prestige and features 2 large thermal spring water pool, a hydromassage bathtub and a spa, the hotel features rooms with air conditioning at only 5 meters away from the thermal springs of Arapey.


If your quest is to be closer to nature, then the Irupe complex is your best choice.  This place features an outdoor pool, a restaurant and a barbecue area. The Irupe complex offers free breakfast.


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