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How to get to Termas Arapey

How to get to Termas Arapey

In order to get to Termas del Arapey in Salto Department there are several ways to do it, either via fluvial, land or air, you choose. 

Getting to Termas Arapey from Concordia

By water you can arrive to Montevideo Port, from Colonia or Punta del Este and from there, you have the option to continue by land or air. There is a boat service that connects the cities of Concordia and Salto, and once you arrive to Salto Port you will continue by land. 

You can also get there by air arriving at Nueva Hesperides Airport in Salto, coming from Buenos Aires, Montevideo or Rivera, with frequent everyday and weekly flights. There is a flight departing from Carrasco International Airport at 7:30am and arriving in Salto by 9:00am.

If you choose via land, you can com from the Argentinean Republic using some of the international crossings if driving by car, you can choose either Gualeguaychu Bridge or the ones that connect Colon and Paysandu cities or Concordia and Salto, which are the most selected due to being more direct.

There are also bus companies that do the route Concordia-Salto.

Going to Termas Arapey from Montevideo

From Montevideo you can go through route 1 until reaching the junction with route 3, and continue north until kilometer 552, where the entry to the Termas is some 19 kilometers away. You can also take route 5, then route 11, then route 3 to the north, in the route Montevideo-Salto; taking you about 7 hours drive, considering going at a speed of 90 km/hr, which is the speed limit in the majority of national routes. 

Also, there are bus companies that do the route Montevideo-Salto from Tres Cruces Bus Station, and once there, you can access local bus, taxis or remise services to take you to Termas departing from Salto's Terminal del Shopping.


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