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Restaurant in Arapey Hot Spring

Restaurant in Arapey Hot Spring

Termas del Arapey is one of the most attractive touristic places in Uruguay, which is part of the tour sites from the country. 

In your visit to the thermal springs, besides enjoying the natural surroundings and the relaxing pleasure provided by bathing in water with curative properties, you will have the opportunity to be delighted by delicious dishes, given the wide variety of restaurants you will find there.

Where to eat at Termas del Arapey

Therefore, after going fishing or a shopping tour, you can visit any of these places to taste a delicious meal:

La Goleta Restaurant: being part of the Arapey Oasis Thermal Hotel, a place that offers you excellent food while you enjoy a relaxing environment that reminds you that you are at the thermal springs. The restaurant offers its visitors breakfast buffets or of own elaboration, and a la carte breakfast. Dinner is composed of national and international dishes. 

Paradise Restaurant: A great place that offers you the best attention combined with dedication elaborated dishes for each moment of the day.  The breakfasts offer you homemade bread and other own-elaborated products. Lunch and dinners offer you a variety of options that include soups, salads, steaks, pastas, fish and seafood. A snack bar offers you the possibility to enjoy from a coffee to drinks. They also elaborate light specialties with low-calorie dishes.

Dionisio Restaurant: has the main characteristic of serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a buffet modality allowing you to eat all you want. You can also order light meals, you can also benefit from smoker and non-smoker areas.

These places are the best renowned within the Termas, and most of them are within different complexes that offer you accommodation services. Don't hesitate to visit them!


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