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Dorado Fishing in Arapey

Dorado Fishing in Arapey

The Arapey River is highly visited for fishing, either by aficionados or expert sportsmen who visit it in the quest for the Dorado, a famous fish of these waters. 

One of the most widely used techniques in Arapey is fly fishing, but other methods are used there as well such as reel or fishing rod. The good thing about the Dorado is that it could be fished by different ways and it takes a bite at anything placed as a bait. 

Fishing Tours in Arapey

Next, we would like to recommend you the following fishing tours so you can catch Dorados in this placid region.

Fly Fishing: It is at walking distance from Concordia Bridge and features 3 different programs. A 1  day fishing program, and another one for the weekend, where the activity starts on Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. A camping site is set up during those days. The last option is a VIP option with 2 nights at a Hotel and 1 camping night.  

Credit cards are accepted thus making it a formidable way to go fishing. For more information call (+598) 99 734 128.

White Water Fishing: Go fishing with professionals who sail out in a comfortable vessel. They specialized in the Dorado fishing so you will be able to have the best fishing if you travel with sportsmen who know they way around.  For more information: Telephone: (+598. 473 35668).

We suggest you to always search for a firm specialized in fishing tours so you can make sure all security measures are taken care of, this way, you can enjoy your fishing tour to the fullest. Good luck!


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