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Fishing at Rio Arapey

Fishing at Rio Arapey

One of the most practiced and sought activities during vacation season is fishing, and the Arapey River is considered as an excellent scenario to carry out such a sport.

Fly Fishing in the Arapey River

Given that fishing at the Arapey River is common, fly fishing is one of the most practiced methods.  Whether you are a rookie or an expert in the subject, sportsmen head to the Arapey with their fishing pole and a bait that simulates a flying fly in the air.  Thus attracting to the surface various fish species from the depths of the river.

In that respect, there are varied fish species in the Arapey River, thus making it a very popular fishing place for tourists.  Wolf fish, dorados and carps are the biggest fish in these waters.

Other specimens of lesser size but of great quality as well, are the greater silver smelt, catfish, seam bream and bream are among the variety. 

This way, all anglers will go home happy, having caught different species that will make them feel satisfied and which memories will remain in their fishing hall of fame.

Fishing Tours at the Arapey

Some touristic enterprises offer tour services to take you all the way to the best fishing spots of the river, many times organizing group tours for several days in which they include all that is necessary to properly enjoy an adventure which only this area could offer.


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