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Spa at Termas Arapey

Spa at Termas Arapey

There is nothing better than taking a minute for yourself and be able to enjoy relaxing massages or pay a visit to a spa. It is a way to forget about every-day routine, clear your mind and be able to a start with higher energy.

That is why we would like to provide you with a Spa Guide at Termas Arapey so can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Spa Services in Arapey

Bethel Spa

Bethel is a Spa chain from Uruguay that has its most recent site at Termas del Almirón. It features a great variety of services, such as Spa for men, fitness, pilates, Day Spa, Parlor, Tanning, waxing, among others.

For more information: Tel.: (+598) 2613 88 99

Ecovital Spa

It is located at Hotel Arapey Thermal Resort. The Spa is surrounded by a unique natural space which guarantees you pleasure and professionalism of the treatments.  Among them you will find: jacuzzies, Danish, Scottish and Finish showers, all of them with thermal spring water. They also offer body, facial and cosmetology massages, acupuncture and oriental therapies.  Ideal for resting and relaxing.

For more information: Tel.: (+598) 2613 4768 2005

Spa at Horacio Quiroga Hotel 

Located at the Hotel, features thermal spring water therapies.  Among its services it offers treatments for: weight control, anti-stress, beauty and a great variety of massages intended to fight all kinds of conditions. 

It is worth mentioning that they sell a large line of thermal cosmetics.

For more information: Tel.: (+598) 2613 4733 4411

Spa Altos del Arapey

This Spa is located at Altos del Arapey Hotel. It offers a great variety of treatments, such as esthetical massages, lymphatic drainage, chiropractic massage and oriental treatments such as Reiki.

The Spa offers 2 or 3 treatments to try different options. You also have at your disposal a sauna, jacuzzies and a gym.

For more information: Tel.: (+598) 2613 4768 47682200

We hope you enjoy these services and be able to have a complete relaxing day in the surroundings of Termas Arapey.


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